What is Interfaith?

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  • The interfaith journey is complex and winding – not a straightforward exploration of a single tradition or a single culture, although this may be the inn from which to set out.
  • It involves following taking turnings off busy motorways and travelling on unfamiliar roads and meeting difference along the way. But it may avoid the traffic jams.
  • There are often no signposts or they are broken and difficult to read; so there is risk-taking and the exploration of byways and unmetalled tracks – and even muddy ditches and cul-de-sacs.
  • Tents are pitched temporarily in unfamiliar fields and seemingly hostile terrain.
  • It is characterised by choices and informed decisions; for it is a Wisdom route
  • It is by choosing that we become more skilful at negotiating our personal and cultural journeys and selecting companions along the way

June Boyce-Tillman April 7th 2014.