What is Interfaith?

The interfaith journey is complex and winding – not a straightforward exploration of a single tradition or a single culture, although this may be the inn from which to set out. It involves following taking turnings off busy motorways and travelling on unfamiliar roads and meeting difference along the way. But it may avoid the […]

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    When I told a friend about our third retreat coming up this October,  in Glastonbury, Making Peace with Christ, she said, thank you, but she was quite at peace with Christ already. I would like to offer the assurance that our retreat will also serve anyone who wants to deepen what they already […]

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Dove of peace

Peace in the Heart of the City

Peace in the Heart of the City  (July, 2013) An article by a participant, Lizzie Foster-Bollons about her experience. And so I am back home again, and now back into normal roles and routines.  However at the beginning of July I was fortunate to attend ‘Peace in the Heart of the City’ held in Tower […]

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Interfaith Vision original founders

Annie’s personal experience of how…

Original founding group; Nigel Anthony, Alan Bayes and Annie Blampied Interfaith Vision came into being I was attending a weekend conference put on by the Wrekin Trust, at Hawkwood college in Stroud, in September, 2010.  Janice Dolley, the then director of the Wrekin trust,  (and who now facilitates the One Spirit Alliance) introduced me to […]

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