Our Story

Interfaith Vision original founders
Original founding group; Nigel Anthony, Alan Bayes and Annie Blampied

During our second retreat in Glastonbury, October, 2013, Nigel Anthony, (a founding member of Interfaith Vision) led us in a creative enquiry about who we are and where we are going. One of the group drew the picture of a tent with no walls, and we have used that image on our website. (see top right)

Inspired by the image of a tent, with no walls, you could say that we are Lovers of Truth, from different faith traditions, and of no faith, who are willing to travel wherever we are called; and pitch an open sided tent, for those gathered, to thrive and radiate their true light. We work with singing and with silence, as well as open hearted conversation.

We give dignity to difference without fear, and bridge faiths or lack of faith, to find our underlying interconnectedness and the experience of Oneness together.

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