Our Ethos


  1. We proceed from a deep sense of the equality and oneness of all life, and allow periods of stillness and silence to re-connect
  2. We acknowledge that all people exist interdependently with each other and all other forms of life, and that every one matters
  3. We believe that mutual respect, a chance for every voice to be heard, the practice of listening and speaking mindfully, and a willingness to learn and grow are fundamental to a healthy world
  4. Our work is an invitation to ourselves and others to step into what may be unchartered territory outside of the usual categories, certainties and established identities, in order to experience our inter-connectedness directly
  5. Our ethos is one of trust: trust – through the spiritual – of each other and of our aspirations for harmonious co-existence and a sense of human fellowship
  6. We seek neither intentionally to give offence, nor to needlessly take offence, rather to cultivate a sense of humour and joy in all we do
  7. We aim to carry out our work, and collaborate with others, in a spirit of open-hearted friendship, service and co-creation
  8. We commit to working experientially, engaging ourselves in the process in which we seek to lead and to serve others
  9. We seek to practice and model an attitude of gratitude and forgiveness in all that we do
  10. We engage in reflective practice and welcome genuine feedback to improve the way we work